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My Story

Never did I think I would hear the words, “Stage Two Breast Cancer.” Like most people that hear the word “Cancer” I was also in shock. In many ways my life prepared me for this moment and for what is to follow. Sharing my My Conscious Healing will not only help me get through the stages of healing, but maybe by me sharing I will inspire others to make life changing decisions based on a deeper consciousness rather than fear. Truly I am humbled by my diagnosis and I am also humbled by the out pour of love and support I have received. I feel this overwhelming amount of gratitude, awareness and awakening. I know in my soul I will get through this by taking care of myself, listening to body and nourishing my cancer with PURE LOVE. You are invited to come along through the process of My Conscious Healing, I am sure it will be an adventure.
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October 14, 2019

Next Steps; 10 months in!

It is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" and this month has been a doozy for me so far, the events and fundraisers have completely put me over the edge on the emotional spectrum. I have had to really dig deep and find my superpowers to get through. Over the years I have supported these events and fundraisers with enthusiasm, wearing my pink, donating to the raffles and auctions with the hope of winning or taking home some material object of my desire. This year it all means something different to me. As I have spent the last 10 months literally advocating for my life, my health and my well being, changing everything in my internal and external environment, I just can’t get on board with the sugary pink cocktails!
August 5, 2019


Never in a million years would I have thought I would need to start a Go Fund Me campaign! What the heck, by now in my […]
July 2, 2019

Let’s Celebrate Life Together!

As a kid and beyond I was told that life isn’t always Rainbows & Sunshine and at a young age and most of my life I decided that I would always find Rainbows & Sunshine in all circumstances.
June 3, 2019

All about Supplements.

Not too long ago I posted a picture on my social media platforms of the many supplements I am now taking, to help support my body […]

Quote of the week

“Our health—and indeed our entire lives—can be seen as the sum of all our moment-to-moment decisions. This includes how we choose to eat and drink, think and feel, act and react, and move and rest on any given day.”

- Dr. Kelly A. Turner