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The beautiful words of my dear best friend Matthew Anello.

The Secret to Conscious Living

Maybe you're on a crowded train checking emails. Maybe you're busily typing away on a report working from home. Maybe you're driving to meet up with friends, humming along to your favorite song of the moment. All is well. You're empowered, you're engaged and you're in the flow. Then, it happens. You get an email or text from a co-worker that pushes your buttons. Or, you start getting sleepy or become aware of tightness in your lower back. Perhaps you overhear a conversation nearby that distracts and disturbs you. Perhaps, you suddenly have the thought, “This job (or intimate relationship or friendship or…) is so not fulfilling me!"

Living in New York City in my mid 20’s provided ample opportunity for situations like the above. If nothing else, NYC is a potent laboratory for self-development. That is, if you want to stay somewhat sane in that exciting, exasperating, chaotic city!

But I’ll never forget the evening in 2001 that, in all likelihood, awoke me to my capacity to live a consciously created, satisfied and empowered life. It was the evening that I not only understood, but experienced that I could choose exactly how I was being, even if I couldn’t always control the circumstances....

"Matthew is a fiercely unique and inspiring individual. Let this book guide you to amplify your energy to live a life filled with inspiration and vitality."
- Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times™ best-selling author, of May Cause Miracles

"Matthew is a powerful, effective and caring health coach with great passion and dedication to his clients. This book is a great way to access his wisdom."
- Joshua Rosenthal, Founder, Institute for Integrative Nutrition