Acupuncture is a gateway to healing!

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December 26, 2019
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January 30, 2020

Acupuncture is a gateway to healing!

I have always known that acupuncture was a very beneficial healing method. Although before I was diagnosed with Cancer I had never experienced acupuncture. The only time in my early years that I witnessed acupuncture was through an episode of Sex and the City. When Charlotte was trying to get pregnant and her healer tells her to tune out the outside noise. She couldn’t slow her mind and body letting the energy of the city consume her, getting up from the table with all of her needles, she quit her session. I guess that episode set the tone for me and acupuncture never became a priority to try. As I got older into my 30’s and my own girlfriends experienced challenges conceiving, acupuncture again became a topic of discussion for aiding in pregnancy. With success, all of my girlfriends who used acupuncture as a tool to help them relax enough to get pregnant, all now have healthy babies. SO, when my integrative Oncologist Dr. Whitton suggested acupuncture for me, I instantly felt that it would also work for me in my healing.


Charlotte tried it!


Acupuncture therapy releases energetic blocks in the body, evoking the bodies natural healing responses. I have felt this to be true, since I started acupuncture with Dr. Tanvi Gandhi shortly after my diagnosis, my body started to change. During every session I have been able to go deeper more easily into my meditations. Sinking into a state of homeostasis in which the body has the ability to heal when the brain/mind is able to slow down the constant chatter, worry and stresses of the everyday. I decided to sit down with Dr. Tanvi Gandhi and highlight our experience together. Having her as one of my healers has been a true gift, her energy is soothing, calming and confident. I will forever be so grateful for her role in my healing and her constant belief in my mission to heal holistically!


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