Healing Blog

July 2, 2019

Let’s Celebrate Life Together!

As a kid and beyond I was told that life isn’t always Rainbows & Sunshine and at a young age and most of my life I decided that I would always find Rainbows & Sunshine in all circumstances.
June 3, 2019

All about Supplements.

Not too long ago I posted a picture on my social media platforms of the many supplements I am now taking, to help support my body […]
May 20, 2019

Evidence & Clarity is the best medicine!

Lorraine and I walked out of that appointment as if we had left a comedy show, we laughed at the experience asking each other, “WTF just happened in there!”  CLARITY is what happened, EVIDENCE is what happened!
May 1, 2019

My time with Tony Robbins.

Holy Moly, walking into the ABC Studios like many times before, that day I was feeling so nervous, I was about to meet Tony Robbins and get some form of coaching from him on national television in front of a live studio audience.