Keep Moving.

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December 18, 2020

Keep Moving.

I read something recently that touched me deeply.

“It is not enough to just shine; we have to go out into the world and share our shine.”

Each of us has something special about ourselves, there is a talent, a gift, a hobby that creates joy, or it’s a tragic experience that has affected us deeply, that gives us enlightenment or clarity, something we can turn from negative to positive; the thing that is only ours, our story, we each have something about our inner being that is so special. Something great enough to feel proud of. Sometimes it takes time to recognize it, sometimes because of different factors some of us may never know what our special thing is. 

Do you know what makes you special?

I dare you to look at your life just a little closer, I challenge you to dig a little deeper to get a glimpse of the specialness that you are! Sometimes I also have to remind myself of what it is that makes Me… Me! 

The last two years have allowed me the time and space to become clearer of what my thing is!

It has taken me a while to form the words for this blog post, because one of my greatest gifts is that I speak my own truth and I speak it out loud, also one of my greatest challenges is I have some self-doubt & self-love conditioning. I have gotten really good at forging ahead and acknowledging the doubt and moving forward, but man it takes practice everyday, it does on occasion take charge and holds me back. 

I was labeled the social butterfly in school – like that was a negative and distracting characteristic to carry through life. I remember a common statement to label my presence in a room was “Center of Attention.” I remember feeling like being the “Center of Attention.” was a negative thing! Now, I am realizing that this exact thing is my gift. 

It has always felt natural for me to engage in different settings with large amounts of people or small, I enjoy sharing stories and life experiences in person or online. Being a social butterfly is the very characteristic that has given me the opportunity to have a career in “Public” Relations, my job is literally to be social, creating social media content, curating and hosting events, and engaging in media opportunities.

Thank goodness the gift of being social has carried me through life. Not everyone has agreed with my ways of being or my choices and this has sometimes affected me in ways in which I become discouraged and dim my shining bright light, so only I can see it. 

During My Conscious Healing Journey, I have found myself holding back from sharing some of the details of my choices for the fear that some won’t encourage me. It has been my experience the past two years as I have navigated cancer with holistic remedies that “MOST” have something to say.

Mostly I have received amazing supportive feedback and comments, with acknowledgment that I am inspiring others to live healthier by sharing my truth. These positive comments fuel my soul with so much love. Every single person that wants to see me succeed and encourages me, I LOVE YOU & THANK YOU!!  On occasion I have also received not so positive feedback. I have done my best to take each negative comment and opinion with a grain of salt, not absorbing it as an extension of my healing or myself. Yet, I do sometimes choose to step back from sharing so much because receiving or accepting any kind of negativity is just not good for anyone. Especially, someone who is on a path of true self-discovery and healing.

This is why I have hesitated to share this information, even though sharing this info about my experience at the Annual Annie Appleseed Conference will truly benefit so many of you reading. So… here goes nothing… I encourage you to read to the end and absolutely watch the videos included in this post. I am very proud of myself for being brave enough to put myself out there in a raw and honest way. 

Jan 10th 2019 I was officially diagnosed with Cancer. Exactly two years later I am still here living my life as I wish and finding joy in every possible moment (hasn’t been easy during COVID). Never in a million years did I think telling my story and sharing my experience with Cancer was going to be “my thing.” Sometimes God/The Universe (or whatever it is that you believe in) has a different plan.  Sharing the process of navigating my diagnosis has helped me stay motivated and strong even on the hardest of days. Knowing that I am putting valuable information into the world about how I have personally been navigating a challenging experience provides me purpose to keep moving!! AKA.. Living!

So, when I was asked to speak at The Annie Appleseed Conference, February of last year 2020 (Pre- Covid) in West Palm Beach Florida, I was both nervous and elated. I was given the opportunity to share a stage with some incredible, knowledgeable, experienced men and women in the holistic medical world. People who have seen or experienced great results from the holistic approach to healing Cancer. Julia Chiappetta, a friend, who has healed her own diagnosis holistically introduced me to the stage as the moderator of the patient panel. Everything from the organic plant-based food, speakers, participants, activities and Florida sunshine was thoughtfully curated and completely authentic. I loved every minute of this experience! A few of my favorite resources you must check out are: John Malanca creator of the United Patients Group, Jane McLelland Author of How to Starve Cancer, Farmer, Joseph Chammas of the Gratitude Garden, &  Nathan Crane the creator of the documentary, Cancer The Integrative Perspective.


I was given 15-20 minutes to share my story among a room of 500 people looking for hope, inspiration and information. I spoke from the heart hoping that something I would say would help someone listening to me. The experience was more than I could have ever imagined. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was right where I belonged. I wish for anyone reading this that YOU too will feel this same sense of accomplishment, purpose and belonging.

When I got off stage I was greeted with excitement, hope, acknowledgement and confirmation that everything I had said resonated. One by one people waited to speak with me, asking questions, telling me their stories, sharing their own experiences and diagnosis’. It was beyond overwhelming and rewarding at the same time and I saw a glimpse into my future as I continue on my path. The gift is being able to connect and find hope in a difficult circumstance.

A future full of hope, opportunity and possibility to help others who are also struggling with the constant challenge and fear that comes along with a cancer diagnosis. A lot has changed for me since last year, this knowing has stayed the same. So, I have decided to not only share this blog post and these videos with you, but I have also created an easy to navigate worksheet that outlines the very first steps that I took when I was diagnosed, I tried to create something quick and less intimidating. Cancer and the doctors are intimidating enough! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate My Conscious Healing Journey, two-years in the making. I am very proud of this project and know that if you choose to engage in these steps for yourself or for someone you love, you/they will benefit greatly. You/they will feel more confident as you/they move through the ups and downs. Trust me, these steps got me through and gave me the courage to dive deeper and deeper into my own intuition and healing! 

The Key Focus of this quick tip worksheet includes:


  • How to Start Healing.
  • Take Inventory
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Find Your Inner Guidance
  • Tool Kit


Purchase the “One Day at a Time” worksheet.  

Thank you as always for your support as I embark and take steps in my own life to ensure a healthy and bright future for myself.




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