Next Steps; 10 months in!

August 5, 2019
Post Surgery Results!
November 17, 2019

Next Steps; 10 months in!

Rainbows everywhere!

I took a little break from sharing my journey because I just needed some time to process everything and figure out next steps. For me my diagnosis is not black and white, it is red, purple, yellow, orange, green, blue and sometimes pink, all of the colors of the rainbow. As I sit down and write this, the Aries Full Moon shines in through my window and I am reminded of how powerful the Universe truly is!

Rainbows everywhere!


It is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and this month has been a doozy for me so far, the events and fundraisers have completely put me over the edge on the emotional spectrum. I have had to really dig deep and find my superpowers to get through. Over the years I have supported these events and fundraisers with enthusiasm, wearing my pink, donating to the raffles and auctions with the hope of winning or taking home some material object of my desire. This year it all means something different to me. As I have spent the last 10 months literally advocating for my life, my health and my well being, changing everything in my internal and external environment, I just can’t get on board with the sugary pink cocktails!

The last 10 months I have grown beyond belief and as other women call themselves survivors, warriors and fighters, I sit with myself and think of what word best describes me; THRIVER. Why?? Because I have taken my diagnosis into my own hands, I have done my own research, I have gone to the depths of my soul to listen to my intuition and I have by passed the fear that comes along with a cancer diagnosis. Rather I have embraced this diagnosis as the messenger that has changed my entire life, giving me the gift of clarity for my future! Don’t get me wrong, I believe every single woman, man or human should call themselves whatever resonates with them as an individual and deal with their own circumstances as they believe is best. As I share my story, I hope that it provides some awareness and encouragement to make choices not based on fear and by the language and the environment that surrounds them. It is my hope that in sharing this, someone reading who may have been diagnosed, will empower themselves and source all possible information before making drastic life changing choices. With that said, I ask you…. since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month have you done your manual breast exam? Have you massaged your breast, shown them love and snooped around all areas of your tissue to make sure you feel nothing out of the ordinary? If you haven’t, stop reading this, go light some candles, put on a cute nighty and go get to know yourself. Trust me it is WORTH it!!

In all seriousness of this topic and the weight of the month for so many… I do want to humbly thank everyone who has personally donated to MY GO FUND ME Page. You have helped me maintain my healing modalities and schedule! In just 10 weeks you have supported me enough to help me raise almost 10K. This generosity has been imperative to the news I am about to share with you. Because I have been able to dedicate so much time to advocating for my health, searching out DR’s who are a match with me, support my body by giving it the supplements and diet it desires to heal my cancer aka “PATIENCE,” has NOT SPREAD. My recent scans show that “PATIENCE,” is self-contained to the original area with minimal growth and has not affected my lymph nodes!! YES, are you doing your happy dance too?? My Doctor’s recognize that because of my efforts and dedication to my health I have been able to contain what is known as a “Very Aggressive” Breast Cancer Diagnosis. This is BIG HAPPY NEWS! Of course, I would be much more satisfied if my scans showed that all my hard work has completely healed “Patience.” This is something I must meditate on and reflect on, remembering not to be hard on myself and to really honor myself for the commitment that I have to my health! The truth is there is no handbook on this because every single case is different! There are suggestions, statistics, studies and recommendations … too many that don’t highlight the positive benefits of the modalities that I am personally using and have firsthand learned about only because I am advocating for my health!! I still have a long way to go and I still need your help. If you haven’t donated yet, please support my journey in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month your dollars go directly to my treatment protocol, please help me get to the place where I can finally say “I AM HEALED! I am beyond grateful for how much money has already been raised. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

So, what are the next steps?

SURGERY! Yes, I said it. It has taken me 10 months to get here and I truly feel in my heart of hearts my body is ready! Through meditation, therapy and all of my work with DR. Joe Dispenza’s online course, I am mentally preparing for this next step! How did I get here?

A few weeks ago, my integrative oncologist Dr. Yvette Whitton asked me to connect with my conventional oncologist Dr. Zelkwitz. She wanted me to ask him to run some scans to see the status of my diagnosis. I did this and we found that “PATIENCE” is still contained just as I explained previously! AWESOME!! My team… DR’s conventional and functional, acupuncturist, therapist, Vitamin C distributors all agreed that if a surgeon would be willing to “debulk,” then this next step will allow my body the ability to heal at it’s fullest potential. I met with a new surgeon this week, Dr. Helen Pass, Director of Breast Surgery at Stamford Hospital, she looked at my scans and has agreed that my desired course of action is indeed possible. What does that mean? Dr. Helen Pass feels confident that she can remove “Patience,” while preserving my unaffected breast and nipple. Leaving me with endless possibilities for my future. AKA – Breast Feeding Potential! YAYAYAY! Just in case my future offers me the chance to build my own little family! I loved meeting with DR. Pass she understood me, she spoke to me as if I am an educated person, who knows my body and what I am doing in my wellness plan! I am grateful for this. Of course, there are risks to any procedure like this, I trust I am in good hands and I will be healed in no time. It has been a long road and finally I see a shining bright light at the end of the dark tunnel! Surgery will be in the next few weeks and I will of course keep you updated on social media. I am going to take time to prepare myself physically, emotionally and mentally. Taking time away from anything that is not allowing me to only focus entirely on myself. This is another reason your support with My GO FUND ME is so important. I want to do everything I can in the next few weeks pre- surgery to ensure that Dr. Helen Pass will be able to remove “Patience,” completely from my body! I am ready!


In the meantime, I am speaking on a panel with other Cancer Thriver’s on Oct. 27th, this Integrative Wisdom & Wellness Conference is the first like it in the Fairfield County area and I am so thrilled to be part of it. Helping to empower others to take charge of their own health. It would mean so much to me to see some familiar faces in the crowd, as I continue to share my story! Of course, your support always fills my heart and gives me the strength to keep going on my hard days. I hope you find some value from my experience and find ways to apply what resonates with you into your own circumstances!


Julia Chiappetta also a Cancer Thriver and Panel Moderator at Wisdom & Wellness.




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