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I’m just a radical kind of woman…

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March 25, 2019
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March 10, 2019


I’m just a radical kind of woman.

Radical Remission has become my guide to healing! Reading all of the incredible testimonials of the Cancer Thrivers before me, who have healed their cancer, their bodies and their hearts is beyond inspiring and enlightening.

RADICAL:  (Especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.

“A radical overhaul of the existing regulatory framework!”

The definition of the word Radical explains my current circumstances and is the definition of the new me; I am changing my life and taking action. I have been asking women how their lives have changed after their breast cancer diagnosis! I was surprised to find that most women say their lives or lifestyle have not changed at all. Most people touched by cancer continue living as they did before their diagnosis. Same diet, same stress, same friends, same job, same habits, same TV shows, same drama, same, same, same. Reading Radical Remission I have received such clarity in ways that I am able to tap into my cancer, my true self and how to feel better over all.

In the year leading up to my cancer diagnosis, I was overwhelmed, overweight, exhausted, eating out all of the time (at all the best restaurants of course), over worked, stressed beyond belief and completely unhappy with myself, in my skin and in my life. Who else feels like this?

No one would have ever guessed that I was feeling this way, as I always wore a smile on my face and faked through my life as if everything was perfect.  There were beautiful moments don’t get me wrong, but as a whole I was on a downward spiral of sadness and loneliness.

So in a way Cancer showed up to remind me how precious my life is and encouraged me to take a deep look at why I had let things take a deep dive into the pool of “everything sucks so bad.”

I would say over and over all year long,” I can’t handle one more thing!” Sure enough God winked at me and said, “Yes you can!”

I truly believed that I couldn’t handle one more thing, but soon as I heard the words Stage 2 Breast Cancer, everything shifted in my entire being in that moment. Instead of panicking and stressing, I felt a sort of calm after the news sunk in. (To be honest it took two or three days and lots of tears.) The calm felt like a warm reassuring hug and this instant hope and faith came over me. I got this!! I can handle one more thing, many more things. It makes me laugh out loud because I still sometimes feel like God’s wink was a prank gone wrong.

So what Radical changes have I made in my life? Instantly I threw out all sugar from my fridge and cupboards! If you didn’t know cancer feeds off sugar. The only items that stayed were items that said zero grams of sugar on the label.  No added sugar, no maple syrup, no honey, no sweetener, bye sugar!! All of the pasta, rice, grains, granola, chips, crackers, gone!

This was hard for me, pasta and chips had basically been a staple of my life and my almost everyday go to.

I started buying only fresh organic green produce. LIKE everything GREEN! I am surprised my skin isn’t green. I only drink filtered alkaline enhanced water and green tea with lemon. GOOOOOOSHHHH, I miss coffee, I miss my Starbucks Vanilla Almond Milk Latte. The smell and the taste will forever be in my heart and I hope to one day enjoy a warm cup again.  Green juice is my new addiction. I have to say after 90 days in, I crave my juice in the morning now! I fast often for 24 -48 hours weekly and 13 -16 hours daily! This is key because it allows the immune system to repair damaged cells!

Meditation, relaxation, yoga, breathing, time for myself, journaling, reading, good sleep, praying, infrared sauna, I use a device called the BEMER daily and going to church are all part of the new daily routines, along with a daily list of gratitude.

Boundaries are my new best friend, being able to say no, release old guilt, removing myself from others expectations, opinions and disappointments is a struggle but a gift! This takes so much practice and patience… which I am learning.

I am also learning how NOT to feel like I have to control everything! This is the biggest challenge; I am not responsible for other people, their actions, reactions, and habits. If I don’t agree with something or someone doesn’t agree with me, I just remove myself and am learning how to let it go. This is so much harder said than done. I don’t hold back, I say how I feel and I am honest to myself. The important thing is not to hold onto anything that causes discomfort emotionally. Writing down my thoughts truly helps this process. 

I have been surrounding myself with the best humans on planet Earth, a tribe of people who lift me up, encourage my journey, show me unconditional love and support me in my choices with no questions or judgment.  This is key. How exhausting to be surrounded by people who “don’t get you.” I am healing my body, it is not my job to explain myself to others to make them feel more comfortable with my choices!

What’s next on my journey? Deep emotional healing and support! My life has been beautiful but challenging since I was a young girl I have struggled with great loss, for the need to have approval, I have always been an over-achiever searching for validation outside of myself, rebelling, breaking the rules and busting through the limits. (This I am grateful for!)

It is time to sit down and dig deep, release the worry that harbors deep inside and shake the feeling that I am not enough and don’t deserve great success. I have dulled my light and suppressed my dreams to avoid making others uncomfortable. To get to the next level and heal my heart, my body and life I have to do the work to move passed these beliefs!

The book Radical Remission talks about The 9 Key Factors that can make a difference in the healing journey.


  1. Radically Changing Your Diet
  2. Taking Control of Your Health (Asking questions.)
  3. Following Your Intuition
  4. Using Herbs & Supplements
  5. Releasing Suppressed Emotions
  6. Increasing Positive Emotions (Finding the joy!)
  7. Embracing Social Support (Asking for help.)
  8. Deepening Your Spiritual Connection
  9. Having Strong Reasons For Living


Following these 9 Factors has given me energy, motivation, determination and faith that I am doing everything Radically Right for me!!



  1. Sarah Albert says:

    You inspire me to do better with my life and my health. Your stories remind me no matter how hard life gets to love your mind, body, soul, to surround yourself with with people who love you and to take the time to love yourself and put yourself first. Thank you for sharing your truth and being real.

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