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December 1, 2020
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January 11, 2021

Restaurant Love!

Greenology, New Canaan

I have been wanting to share my thoughts on the state of the restaurant industry for a while, as 2020, COVID and regulations have stripped most establishments of the chance to survive or thrive. I haven’t shared until now because I know that there are mixed feelings on the subject. I personally was worried about sharing because I didn’t want to hear any back lash for my own opinions and experiences. (I get enough of that from those who don’t believe in my holistic approach to healing cancer.) So here I am writing this post in support of an industry that I love. This industry has helped to mold me into the hard-working, determined woman I am today, this industry has given me experience in customer service and people relations. This industry has brought me connections and friendships that are irreplaceable.

A little back story, since the second I was able I started working in bars, first as coat check girl, then as a server, bartender and manager because of this work I was able to put myself through college and move myself to NYC in my early 20’s. Moving to NYC had its challenges, but my experience gave me an edge that you have to have to survive and thrive in THE CITY. I pounded the pavement and found myself settling into the industry once again, this time on Bleecker Street. The West Village area quickly became my home. Working at places like Diva on East Broadway (technically Soho), Focaccia on MacDougal Street and The Village Lantern on Bleecker, known for great live music & comedy (all of these businesses have closed). This business is exhausting, it is hard work, late nights, full of constant complaints, drama and unpredictable circumstances. What makes all of that worth it is the smiling faces, human connection, happy customers and those working front of house & back of house, who become like family. I left the day to day of the industry when I started New View PR about 7 years ago. My passion was more aligned with supporting the industry by planning events, writing press releases, creating and sharing content on social media and capturing the special moments, that is provided to every single person who enjoys a drink or a meal with their family and friends at their favorite restaurant or bar.

Since my days in NYC, I have settled happily in Fairfield County CT. Over the last decade I have made the best of friends who are restaurant owners, chefs, caterers, waitresses, bartenders & back of house staff. My best friends, these amazing hard-working humans are suffering terribly because of the current circumstance.

(Don’t get me wrong most small businesses are having a hard time because of the circumstances and my heart goes out to all businesses not just the restaurant industry.)

It is the holiday season; this is usually the time of year when restaurants generate enough business to sustain them through the winter months. This is the time of year that we love to gather with loved ones and celebrate, we are being told not to do the things we love! (Which puts a serious damper on the holiday spirit!)

I have personally been out supporting my favorite spots since the beginning of the summer, COVID or the rules haven’t stopped me (my personal choice).

The reason being is that I feel ALIVE being out, living my best life like every day is my last while enjoying and eating great food.

Human connection being at the top of my list.

Studies show: Social connection improves physical health and psychological well-being. Of course, we must be smart in this climate, by washing hands, wearing masks, socializing with caution to protect ourselves and ones we love. I have experienced that thoughtful socializing is possible and luckily, I have not been exposed to or gotten COVID. (Just cancer, no big deal.)

I have witnessed first-hand the precautions and safety measures that these establishments are taking every day to follow the rules. I have felt safe and taken care of every single time I go out and support my favorite spots. If you are reading this and know me, you know my health and my healing are my priority. No matter where you live, small businesses and restaurants need our help more than ever and there are many ways to support them. If you love this industry and the people in it as much as I do than make your voice heard and show your support in the ways that YOU feel comfortable. I encourage you to show up for your community, go and eat at your favorite spots, order take out and delivery, purchase gift cards and create conversations about capacity and curfews.

(I mean the stats show that people privately gathering are a big reason for the spread. Private gatherings do not come fully stocked with, hand sanitizing stations, plastic separators between every table, social distancing regulations and mask wearing restaurant workers!)  The restaurants are following the rules to ensure their customers stay safe while enjoying themselves.

Let’s not say good-bye to small businesses and restaurants, let’s instead kick COVID and 2020 curbside! #savectrestaurants #savenyc


Some of my favorites pictured in this post: (Support the spots you love!) 

The Spread & El Segundo, SouthEnd & Uncorked, Terrain, Lila Rose, Fortina, Hoodoo BBQ, Prime Stamford.

Not Pictured: Caffe Social, Match, Washington Prime, Mecha, Sign of the Whale and so many more.

Side note: I am vocal about how important it is to provide our bodies with the nutrients, immune boosting support and love that it needs, the more LOVE we give to our bodies the less likely it is to get sick! Become an advocate for your own health and stop relying on others to lead the way!! #foodforthought

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