The Spirit of Yoga!

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January 30, 2020
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March 30, 2020

The Spirit of Yoga!

I found Yoga in my early 20’s, I was dating a guy who was super fit and he had his shit together! Which is why it didn’t work out for us, my shit was definitely not together and to be honest, I am still a work in progress. He did rub off on me a little though… this guy motivated me to become more active, to start running, to take better care of myself overall, he took me to some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Toronto before I was embarking on my plant based lifestyle, at that time in my life he was good for me. One of the last times we saw each other before we decided it wasn’t going to work out, he gifted me a book, “The Spirit of Yoga,” by Kathy Phillips. I had been interested in Yoga and that book was the push I needed to start really practicing. I have been an on and off again Yogi since then and since my diagnosis last year I have become a forever Yogi. When I moved to Manhattan in my early 20’s, one of the first things I did was find a studio that would become my community, “Yoga to the People” at St. Mark’s Place in the East Village became my yogi’s choice. It was hot, fast, thoughtful and easy for me to get there up to 5x a week. I loved it so much. When I would travel around the Country or to Europe, I always brought my Yoga mat with me and made it a priority to find a class or to roll out my mat wherever I was in the world and practice alone. Yoga kept me focused, grounded patient and constantly connected to my breath. That’s when life happened and I became so distracted from the things that I truly loved in my late 20’s, early 30’s I changed. Yoga became something that I used to do, my mat lived in the corner of my apartment rolled up and forgotten. Once in a while I would be reminded of my love for my practice and I would unroll my mat and use it, but it wasn’t often enough.


Ask yourself how often do you too push the things aside that light you up and make you feel connected to your truest self?

When I moved to Stamford CT, I tried to find a studio that made me feel as motivated as “Yoga to the People” and it just didn’t happen. So, I stopped trying. Literally, I stopped trying to be “healthy and active.” I focused on things like my career and starting a business, my energy was spent on others and not on myself. I started to feel resentful and angry and most of all that is when I started to gain extra weight and I was eating poorly. I was eating too much and too late at night not letting my body repair itself. Hearing the news that you have Cancer is shocking, but if I am honest, I am not surprised at all by my diagnosis, because not only had I forgotten my love for yoga, but sadly I had forgotten myself.

When I made the commitment to myself that I would always put myself first after I was diagnosed, by making better choices for my health so much opened up for me. Including finally finding the Yoga Studio that I will now forever call home. CT POWER YOGA.  

Similar to Yoga to the People, CT POWER YOGA has a methodology of a hot power sequence that helps its yogi’s connect to self and breath! The influence comes from Baptiste Power Yoga. I love it so much and what I love more than the studio and the practice is the owner, Aimee Elsner.  Aimee was diagnosed with breast cancer prior to finding her own yoga practice and she credits her practice to be a major part of her own healing. Although Aimee and I took very different approaches to how we healed, we have been able to find deep connection because of the yoga community she has created.  I practice 5 to 6 days a week and I truly can’t believe that I ever let yoga become something I stopped practicing. CT POWER YOGA has helped me come back to myself in so many ways and my yoga practice I cherish deeply, as with every breath and every pose I connect directly to my body and to my heart.

Aimee and I sat down on the floor to share more about our own individual experiences. I am so grateful to have such incredible humans in my life. As always, I hope this post inspires you to feel connected to your body, your dreams and your intuition.


To learn more about CT Power Yoga :

Locations in Stamford CT & New Canaan CT.

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