Turning Up the Infrared Heat!

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February 21, 2020
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April 27, 2020

Turning Up the Infrared Heat!

Breasties & Self-Care!

Why is the Infrared Sauna such a HUGE part of my healing?  Aside from the fact that the experience is relaxing, soothing and releases stress, there are endless health benefits.

When Haute Healing Oasis had first opened their doors, I had already known how beneficial the infrared sauna is for ones over health and wellbeing. I had been introduced to infrared heat in NYC during my early 20s.  It was completely serendipitous that Haute Healing Oasis opened their doors in my neighborhood only months before my diagnosis.

Pre – diagnosis I would “treat” myself to one hour a week in the Infrared Sauna, I subscribed myself to the Glow Membership allowing me the gift of taking a time out 4x a month for 1 hour each week.


Finding Balance & Healing

Every time I left Haute Healing Oasis; I couldn’t wait for my next scheduled session a whole week away. Once a week was not enough to see changes in my body, it was only enough to feel good and release stress in those few moments, while detoxing. Although I was detoxing in 140 degree heat those sessions were only touching the surface of what my body was struggling with. The reason being … that although I was “treating” myself to detoxing and relaxation the rest of my choices were not aligned. I was constantly filling my body with toxins and rarely exercising, my diet and alcohol consumption were abusive and the amount of stress I was under on a day to day basis erased all of the benefits I was receiving from the sauna.

So, when I was diagnosed in January 2019, I decided it was time to TURN UP THE HEAT, literally. Peter & Jessica Chichester the owners of Haute Healing Oasis had become clients of mine, I was working on marketing, social media and public relations to help spread the word of their Health Spa. I found a lot of support in our partnership/friendship together and they believed so deeply in my conviction that I could heal holistically. They gave me the gift of full access to their facility, so my once a week of relaxation turned into five or six days a week of complete detoxification and healing.


Long Lasting Pain Relief for Muscles, Joints & Nerves

Full Body Detox

Calorie Burning and Weight Loss

Boosting Immune System & Cancer Healing

Raising Low Body Temperature

Injury Recovery

Lowering Blood Pressure

Stress Relief & Sleep Improvement

Improves Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Improves Fibromyalgia Pain

How can infrared heat aid in healing Cancer? 

Raising core body temperature has been proven many times to inhibit the proliferation of certain cancer cells (including breast, lung, and tongue cancer), according to Medical Oncology in London.

According to Dr. Mark Sircus, best-selling author of many allopathic medicine books, the easiest, safest and most effective way of treating most diseases, including cancer, is to increase body temperature with infrared therapy.

I am beyond grateful to have the access to Haute Healing Oasis that I do, and I highly recommend using their modalities for prevention and healing.

Their services don’t stop with the Infrared Sauna, they have many modalities to choose from including my favorite, an Oxygen Enriching Device that increases the circulatory system by 74% in ways that is untouched by modern medicine. Increasing blood flow and providing oxygen to the micro vessels in the cells in turn removing metabolic waste. It is scientifically known that if you feed more oxygen to your cells, every cell can perform in supporting the body to truly heal.

I love this device so much that I bought one and I have it at home and use it every single day. I have gotten so in touch with my body that intuitively I can feel my cells dance with every session.

Other modalities include, the Sonic Life for Lymphatic Drainage, HydroMassage, Lumina for fat burning, Chromotherapy Lights, Chakra Balancing and Regular Massage Services. Sounds like the perfect Oasis right? Well it is!!

I sat down with Peter & Jessica and we discussed their services and how they have helped me on My Conscious Healing Journey, just maybe our discussion will inspire you to take steps to become healthier too!

For more information about Haute Healing Oasis: Website & Instagram


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