What is a Naturopathic Oncologist?

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March 30, 2020
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What is a Naturopathic Oncologist?


For me a Naturopathic Oncologist is an angel on Earth, someone who has decided to treat his or her patients as individual human beings, instead of a statistic. A Naturopathic Oncologist believes that each cancer case is different; each cancer case should be treated not with a standard of care but with a tailored individual based treatment plan. A treatment plan that does not jeopardize the overall well-being of their patients health on all levels. 

All smiles at my Naturopathic Oncologist’s Office.

Think of it this way, if every single snowflake that falls from the winter sky is different, doesn’t it make sense that we as human beings are also all different.

Not one of us is the same, not even twins or triplets etc; we are all made up of an extensive genetic and cellular make up, with tissue and blood types. We all have different food sensitivities, allergies or imbalances in our bodies. So isn’t it worth it to look deeper and truly figure out why something in the body might not be working as well as it should be, instead of blasting the issue and treating every single case the exact same?

When I decided to embark on My Conscious Healing Journey, I wanted to really understand my body, why and how my Cancer came to be. I wanted to dive deep, understanding that my genetics play a huge role; I knew that my genetics were not the only reason Cancer showed up. We have faulty genetics that can turn on and turn off just like a light switch.

My intuition told me right away, that my choices contributed to the outcome of my diagnosis. My genetic light switch turned on in a fury because of my choices, my environment, my attitude and my way of living. I instinctively knew that I had to make some drastic changes to turn my genetic light switch off. I also knew as much as I could control my diet, my emotions and my surrounding I couldn’t control my diagnosis without guidance. That is when the heavens opened up and sent me Dr. Yvette Whitton.  On our first meeting I gravitated to Dr. Whitton’s knowledge of the human body, her approach is methodical and informative; she is a wealth of information and science. Just not the same science of a conventional doctor, the science that Dr. Whitton focuses on is the science that is more intricate and detailed. The comprehensive testing that Dr. Whitton has taken the time to perform on me has been invaluable, providing us with precise and thorough information specific to my body! For example, one of the first set of tests we ran were blood tests that showed us which foods cause unnecessary inflammation in my body. We eliminated those foods to reduce stress on my immune and cellular systems. Another set of tests gave confirmation of high levels of mold in my system also causing my body stress.  There are many factors in working to remove the dis- ease from my body, when removing the triggers then this gives the body the opportunity to heal. I believe along with the experienced professionals that I surround myself with, that if the body can create issues it is possible for the body to also fix those issues without jeopardizing every good cell or healthy organ. I had to make major changes in my life to allow my body the space it needed and I continue to dedicate time, resources and funds to my over all well being to live an optimal full and healthy long life.

In this video you will learn more about my choice of healthcare, you will learn about Naturopathic Oncology and as always I hope this post will give you some insight! Just maybe it will allow you permission to advocate for your own health and educate you on what is truly possible if you are supported by the right people and if you believe in yourself!!

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